Tuesday, May 16, 2017

For the last unit we learned about American Culture, I found it really fascinating how other areas and cultures are completely different to the way we live here. Living in the U.S can affect someone in a good way and bad way. America is about being open, having the luxurious life, entertainment, and a land of opportunity. A person who has those qualities like for example, The Kardashians then you are set to go. We read an article in class written by, Stefan Schirmer(who comes from Germany) and he writes about the different things that he notices here in America. One thing that he wrote that caught my eye was when he went to a courtroom. He stated in his article that in America, the cases are televised and are open to the public. In Germany everything is more reserved and hidden. He quoted that "Regular americans seem to feel much more comfortable and confident acting, especially entertaining, in front of a camera, whereas many germans come out rather stiff and shy" America is about entertaining the public eye, no one wants to get bored. Every person is exposed to materialism in America and everybody wants to have the nice cars, the ginormous houses, and all the high fashion brands. People show off their wealth by what they have, they like to brag and to be open about how much money they have. I believe that a person who is more reserved about who they are or who doesn't like to show how much money they have would have trouble in the U.S. America is about competition and being the best and if you're not competitive, then you're not living up to the American values. I'm affected by the American culture with materialism. I go to a school where there's a lot of people who are very wealthy so it's also a lot of competition on just what to wear to school. When I walk the halls of Stevenson I see groups of people that dress like they have money. They got the expensive brands all over them, and then I see other groups that don't have those kinds of brands because they're not as wealthy as the others. I don't mind what kind of clothes people wear, but no one should be judged based on what they wear. My family does well and I dress the way I want to dress but at times I feel the competition on what to wear and we should just mind our own business and worry about ourselves instead of other people.

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